TXT Texas Towns Tee
TXT Texas Towns Tee

TXT Texas Towns Tee

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You'll cover a lot of territory in this Texas Towns T-shirt, but you won’t have to put any miles on your pickup. This was one of Tumbleweed TexStyles first designs. The goal was simple but challenging: How many Texas towns could they fit into the shape of the Lone Star State?

Well, turns out, they got nearly 200 towns all in their geographical location into this design. You can check out places like Paris, Buffalo, Memphis, Seymour, Turkey, Hereford, Frisco or Albany without ever leaving Texas.

Don't worry - Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin and El Paso are here, as well as towns like Carl's Corner, Ozona, Marathon, Brackettville, Matador, and Friona. And who can forget Possum?

They are really proud of this design, and it is the original Texas Towns T-shirt. If it’s not a Tumbleweed TexStyles shirt with our twin cannon logo, then it’s merely an imitation, and that ain’t right.

Nab this T-shirt, made of a 65% polyester and 35% cotton blend, and display your Texas pride. You will be the center of attention ... deep in the heart of Texas or beyond the Rio Grande.